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More than Salzburger Nockerl – what delicacies the city of Mozart has to offer

When people think of specialities of Salzburg cuisine, Salzburger Nockerl are often the first association. We don’t want to dispute that the dessert doesn’t deserve its reputation! But the region has quite a few other delicacies up its sleeve. That’s why we have listed the most famous dishes and delicacies from Salzburg and where you can try them (as of 24.02.2021).

Bread from St. Peter’s Abbey

Since the 12th century, the St. Peters Stift Bakery has been located in the heart of the old town and provides Salzburgers with the most delicious rye bread. Craftsmanship has a long tradition here and the products are baked in a wood-fired oven with flour from their own mill. You can buy the bread and other pastries in the bakery itself and watch the production process. If you walk from the old town in the direction of Salzburg Cathedral, you will find the small bakery south of the church on Kapitelplatz.

Stiftsbäckerei St. Peter | Foto: © Salzburgerland Magazin

Fürst Mozartkugeln

Mozartkugeln are known far beyond Salzburg and even outside Austria. But the chocolates were invented here by the confectioner Paul Fürst. His confectionery of the same name, the Café-Konditorei Fürst, still exists today. In the center of the old town, in Brodgasse, you can buy and taste the chocolates. By the way, you can recognize the “real” Mozartkugels by the silver coating with the blue imprint and they are the perfect souvenir from Salzburg.

We would also like to recommend a visit to Confectionary Berger to all fans of chocolates. The chocolates offered there are not only a delicacy but also a real feast for the eyes too. In the store in Kaigasse, you can admire the little works of art and taste your way through exciting flavour combinations.

Salzburger Bierfleisch (Salzburg Beer Meat)

Salzburg and beef have a long tradition. According to an old legend, the Salzburgers were once able to survive a siege by painting the same bull daily in a ruse to suggest to the enemy that supplies were far from running out. Due to the geographical proximity to Bavaria, beer was the logical complement et voilà the Salzburg beer meat was born – allegedly. In the Stieglkeller you can try this cult dish.


The bosna in the Getreidegasse is a real Salzburg insider tip and ideal for a hearty snack if you have become hungry while exploring the city. The Balkan Grill, where the bosna are offered, is somewhat hidden in one of the many side alleys of the Getreidegasse and stands out mainly because of the queue in front of it. But the wait is worth it. The bosna are freshly and authentically prepared and are available in different varieties.

Balkan Grill | Foto : © Genussfleischerei Walter 

Kaspressknödelsuppe Beef broth with cheese dumplings

A Kaspressknödelsuppe, beef broth with cheese dumplings, is perfect to warm up on cold days. That’s why we prefer to eat it at the ski hut after the last downhill run. But for those who find the way to the mountains too far, they can also enjoy it comfortably in the city. The soup classic is available, for example, in the Fuxn or in the Humboldtstubn. For those who prefer to cook themselves, we recommend stopping by on Thursdays at the Schranne, where you can get delicious Kaspressknödel to take home. By the way, they also taste great fried in a salad.

Pinzgauer Kasnocken

Another all-time classic: Pinzgauer Kasnocken (cheese dumplings). We can’t get enough of it, even if the dish can knock you out due to the considerable amount of cheese. Nevertheless, you should try it at any price. You can find the Kasnocken in almost every Austrian inn (with different cheese variations), for example at the Bärenwirt or the Andreas Hofer Weinstube.

Pinzgauer Kasnocken | Foto: © Andreas Hofer Weinstube

Are you more in the mood for something sweet today? Then take a look at our café guide for Salzburg, because they usually also serve delicious pastries.

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