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Salzburg Winter Sport Guide

Best winter activities in Salzburg

Skiing is the national sport of Austria. Due to its location in the Alps and the good condition of its ski slopes, Salzburg attracts annually thousands of skiers and snowboarders from all over the world. There are, however, also various winter sports for non-skiers that are perfect for city tourists who want to get active in the fresh air.

Salzburg's Winter Wonderland


As if tobogganing wasn’t enough fun on its own, most toboggan runs are also open at night making it even more exciting. Romantic excursion under the stars? Or nocturnal family adventure? Tobogganing should not be missing on your winter bucket list for Salzburg. You can usually rent a sled at the bottom station, but we would recommend double-checking. Follow this link to find all runs in Salzburg including their opening hours.

Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing often stands in the shade of its more popular brother. Why not try something new? Big plus: most cross country skiing trails don’t require a ticket which can be especially attractive for low budget travelers. Off you go! Here is the link to a popular equipment rental.

Salzburg's Winter Wonderland

Ice Skating

In Salzburg, you can find several places where you can go ice skating. In the city centre, there is an annual ice skating rink at Mozartplatz, where you can also rent skates cheaply. Due to the surrounding Christmas market, ice skating here is especially Christmassy and afterwards, you can warm up with a punch and roasted almonds.
In the Eisarena Salzburg near the Volksgarten, ice skating is even possible if the weather is bad. Last year, the ice skating rink here was expanded by the area of the adjacent Volksgartenbad by 1400 m². Cool!
If conditions permit, ice skaters can also skate on the frozen lakes of Salzburg. Please always check first whether the lake has been cleared for ice skating by the authorities.

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