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The Salzburg Festival; a festival for the rich and the old?

There is one major topic dominating every conversation in Salzburg these days: the Salzburg Festival. Time flies, two more weeks and it will be over already. But before that, there are two clichés about the Salzburg Festival we’d like to delete from your head.

The Salzburg Festival is for rich people only

Yes, it is true that some tickets are rather located at the higher end of the price spectrum. But that doesn’t mean that the tickets are not affordable at all. Have a look at the lower ticket categories and you’ll be surprised to discover that prices for the opera are starting at around 20€. Just make sure to order your tickets early enough beforehand, as they usually sell out quickly.

You couldn’t snatch any tickets that match your travel budget? No problem! Thanks to the Siemens Fest>Spiel>Nächte, everyone can enjoy performances from this or past years on screen for free. Grab a picknick blanket and a bottle of wine and join the hundreds of people watching concerts and operas every night at the foot of the fortress.

The Salzburg Festival is for old people only

Well, looking at the visitors leaving the concert houses every day we must admit one can easily believe so. However, the success of the youth abonnement shows that the younger generation is just as interested in classical music as their parents and that the productions are on the pulse of the times. This year, the Salzburg Festival reserved around 6.000 tickets at a discounted price for the younger generation under 27.

Additionally, children don’t come away empty-handed either. This year’s opera for children, Mozart’s Magical Flute, invites children starting from the age of 6 to follow Pamina and Tamino into their magical world and enables them to get to know the music and the plot in a playful way.

If you’re still not convinced, there is always the possibility of just sitting in the sun while drinking a cold beer and watching the guests in their elegant evening dresses on their way to the concert.

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