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The Mozart Field Salad

QUICK & EASY: field salad with crispy raw ham, pomegranate, walnuts & tasty orange dressing

The time for easy and quick lunch inspirations has come! What’s better than a light and refreshing salad? We recommend The Mozart Field Salad Sandwich, a bountiful salad on top of a slide of bread. Truly the best way to celebrate the summer season.

This is what you need for 1 serving

-a fresh slice of bread. We use a local rye bread with seeds, but you can use any you like

-75 g field salad

-around 7g fresh peppers, preferably yellow

15 g dried tomato

-8 g chopped nuts, preferably walnuts but again, you any you love

-15 g pomegranate seeds

-2 slices of raw ham

-fresh orange juice, sugar, vinegar, and oil for the dressing

Lately, we’ve been on an orange kick with this simple salad dressing.  But if you don’t happen to have fresh orange juice on hand, you can easily turn it into a vinaigrette by subbing in your favorite kind of vinegar.


Prepare the dressing in advance! In our Bar+Bistro we actually boil the fresh orange juice together with some sugar until the texture becomes like a syrup. We then cool it overnight and mix it with some oil and vinegar when it’s time to serve this heavenly dish. But we promised a quick and easy recipe, so just whisk all of the ingredients together in a bowl (or shake them up in a mason jar) until combined.

Next, we clean the fresh salad and dry it properly. Chop pepper, the nuts as well as the dried tomatoes into small slices and peel the pomegranate. Meanwhile, we prepare to roast the bread. Either 8 minutes at 180°C or in a toaster. While waiting for the bread, we fry the ham in a pan without any oil. Now it’s time to put the ingredients onto the roasted slice of bread and to drizzle evenly with the dressing. Et Voilá!

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