The Story of Krampus in Salzburg

How? What? And even more- WHY?

In the first week of December, you’ll get the unique opportunity to attend a Krampus run, a Central European tradition that dates back hundreds of years.

A Krampus is a horned furry figure carrying a switch that is reminiscent of the devil and Saint Nicholas’ loyal companion. The legend says that while Saint Nicholas rewards children with sweets for behaving well throughout the year, the Krampus punishes them for being naughty.

The Krampus run itself is a parade that takes place mostly on the eve of Saint Nicholas Day in Austrian and Bavarian villages, where men dress up as Krampus and run around the city centre to scare visitors, especially children. In case you’ve never heard of this tradition, we’ve linked a video from last years parade in Salzburg for you.

Want to know when the next Krampus runs take place? Check out the official event website!

Christoph Waltz about Krampus

Some might not know, but Chistoph Waltz is Austrian. The actor has recently talked about the Austrian tradition at the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallow! Have fun watching the video! 


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