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Salzburg With Kids

5. August 2018

Travelling with kids can be difficult. Often, children are hard to thrill with what their parents are interested in and the other way around. Therefore, we have compiled a list of activities for you that are fun for young and old.

Festung Hohensalzburg:

The fortress is without a doubt one of Salzburg’s most famous attractions. Especially kids love to listen to the myths about the fortress. Few people know, however, that there is an audio guide tour available that is particularly adapted to children. Additionally, from July to August on Thursday children can attend an exciting holiday program that is worth checking out.

Haus der Natur:

This museum invites its guests on a thrilling journey into the world of animals – living and extinct ones- and plants. Learn interesting fact about the human body and everything about the development of the universe. Reconstructed a couple of years ago, the new part of the museum is home to the unique centre of science which enables visitors to learn playfully about the laws of physics.

Salzburg Marionette Theatre:

The Marionette Theatre was declared UNESCO intangible cultural heritage and should not miss on any bucket list for Salzburg. The child-friendly program varies from the Sound of Music, over Alice in Wonderland to Red Riding hood. Especially noteworthy is the shortened version of the Magical Flute; perfect for a first encounter with this famous opera.

Salzburg boat ride:

Why not get to know the city by boat? From April to October, the “Amadeus” welcomes you aboard. Choose among different packages and find the perfect tour for your family. Kill, for instance, two birds with one stone by taking the “amphibious splash tour”, which takes you around on land and water. A unique experience for the whole family!

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